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Thai Pearl, Ridgefield CT

Almost the best Thai in Fairfield County. Almost better than The King & I in Bridgeport and Fairfield. I think King & I is more bang for the buck, but Ridgefield's Thai Pearl really, truly impressed me with the presentation, decor, friendliness of wait staff, and everything.

I must go back soon, if only for the sweet sticky rice with pumpkin custard dessert that they were out of by 10 pm this past Saturday evening. It's a seasonal special.

For dinner, I had Thai sweet & sour with chicken and the boy had Pad Ka Prow with beef, and we had mussels and soup for appies, and everything was SO very tasty.

Worth the drive into Ridgefield.
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Genoa Deli, Deli

Working across the parking lot from this jewel of a place, I spend a lot of time ordering from there. Also having your main food provider work across the street from it is a major perk.

ATMOSPHERE -- It’s a square with about 5-7 tables on the left and soda cases then a chip layout on the far wall below the menu. Then there’s the ordering counter with all of today ‘special’ food or food they want you to see and order(this changes based on the season and day of week). Then there’s the cash register and also tables outside. On most nights except Friday and Saturday there is about 4 people behind the counter. All employees are exctrmely friendly and the food is inexpensive. The manager is almost always there so if you have a problem you can bring it right to him.

QUALITY OF FOOD -- I usually get
1. Chicken parm grinder
2. Chicken Marcel (grinder or dinner)
3. BLT
4. The also make a mean Mac and Cheese.
The food is made right on the premises and prepared right as you wait nothing siting around.

SERVICE – Everyone who works there is really great, working though at least 15 customers in about 8 minuets this is a tight ship and that’s how everyone keeps on coming back. Sometimes it is a little hard to understand the people behind the counter because of there thick accents but a grinder (I mean almost a foot here) for under 6.50 I know I can deal.

OVERALL – There have been weeks where I have gone heard three or four times, the food is amazing, the price even better and service A+. You would be a fool not to eat here. (Please note that they are closed on sundays)
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Subway, Food Chain
Main Street, New Canaan

I go to this Subway pretty frequently, at least three or four times a month.

ATMOSPHERE -- It's a long, thin room of a place! The walls are yellow with a large greyscale poster of subway systems in new york city. The soda dispenser, trash can, and chips stand are nearly right in front of the Main Street entrance door (there is also a side door in front of the sandwich stand). Personally I always find Subways to smell a bit funky upon entering, but it's not so distinct a smell at this one. There are a couple of tables to sit at as well. On average, about three people work behind the counter, and a decent amount of people also choose to eat here when I visit (average five or six other people). I feel pretty comfortable in the place. The radio usually plays soft, contemporary music.

QUALITY OF FOOD -- I tend to order one of three sandwiches:
Turkey, American Cheese, and Lettuce on Italian Herbs & Cheese bread
Meatball Marinara on Herbs & Cheese bread
Chicken Parmisan on Herbs & Cheese bread
-- the new Garlic bread is really good too!
Admitidly, Subway sandwitches do sometimes taste a little bit like plastic, but most of the time they really hit the spot for me.

SERVICE -- The people who work at Subway are really nice. They're not really upbeat and peppy or fake, which I enjoy most about this Subway. Personally it drives me insane when I have to deal with overly enthusiastic people. As for the prices, well, you're not going to find a sandwich for a dollar here, but you get a fair amount of food for your dollar - if you're just buying for yourself, you don't need to have more than $10 to spend.

OVERALL -- I definitely plan on going to Subway in the future. Random note: most servers give you a LOT of lettuce when you ask for it. :)
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