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07 April 2006 @ 10:41 pm
standard rating outline  
[Name of food service], [Type of food service]
optional: their website

[describe whether this was your first visit, if you are a frequent visitor, or regular patron]

ATMOSPHERE -- What was your first reaction upon entering? What did you notice about the air, the lights, the layout, the other people there (workers and patrons)? How did the environment make you feel?

QUALITY OF FOOD -- What meal(s) did you order? How was it prepared? How did it smell and taste? Did you like it? If you're reviewing a grocery store, how long did your products last? What did you notice about the other products in the store aside from what you purchased?

SERVICE -- What did you think about the people who helped you during your visit? Was the price reasonable? How would you describe their professionalism?

OVERALL -- Based on your experience(s), would you return? What was your overall opinion? Any other comments?