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07 April 2006 @ 11:05 pm
Subway, Food Chain
Main Street, New Canaan

I go to this Subway pretty frequently, at least three or four times a month.

ATMOSPHERE -- It's a long, thin room of a place! The walls are yellow with a large greyscale poster of subway systems in new york city. The soda dispenser, trash can, and chips stand are nearly right in front of the Main Street entrance door (there is also a side door in front of the sandwich stand). Personally I always find Subways to smell a bit funky upon entering, but it's not so distinct a smell at this one. There are a couple of tables to sit at as well. On average, about three people work behind the counter, and a decent amount of people also choose to eat here when I visit (average five or six other people). I feel pretty comfortable in the place. The radio usually plays soft, contemporary music.

QUALITY OF FOOD -- I tend to order one of three sandwiches:
Turkey, American Cheese, and Lettuce on Italian Herbs & Cheese bread
Meatball Marinara on Herbs & Cheese bread
Chicken Parmisan on Herbs & Cheese bread
-- the new Garlic bread is really good too!
Admitidly, Subway sandwitches do sometimes taste a little bit like plastic, but most of the time they really hit the spot for me.

SERVICE -- The people who work at Subway are really nice. They're not really upbeat and peppy or fake, which I enjoy most about this Subway. Personally it drives me insane when I have to deal with overly enthusiastic people. As for the prices, well, you're not going to find a sandwich for a dollar here, but you get a fair amount of food for your dollar - if you're just buying for yourself, you don't need to have more than $10 to spend.

OVERALL -- I definitely plan on going to Subway in the future. Random note: most servers give you a LOT of lettuce when you ask for it. :)
yo_wtfyo_wtf on April 8th, 2006 05:43 pm (UTC)
:) Awesome!